Shenell Tolson, DrPH

Shenell is pictured laughing with one hand at her waist and the other clutching her pearls
Welcome Friend, my name is Shenell.

You may recognize me as one-fifth of the STEM-tastic STEMbassy crew; an online science show where STEM ambassadors meet to discuss their work and current happenings in the wonderful world of science. I am also the science-policy advisor for The B-SCI, a member of the planning council for the STEMNoire conference, and a member of the board of directors for The Meningioma Brain Tumor Network. 

I currently work as a biologist in human health and toxicology where I assess the risk associated with various compounds introduced to the human body and the environment. I use social media as a form of science communication to educate and inform the community about basic STEM and public health concepts. I am super passionate about #MelanatedMunchkins in the STEM pipeline and highlighting and affirming #BlackGirlsInSTEM.

I'm also the CEO of Kindred Consulting, a small, Black woman-owned global brand that aims to meet STEM and public health education needs in media, the classroom, and communities worldwide. Kindred Consulting is also available to help non-profit, healthcare, government, and human service organizations train and execute STEM and public health objectives. 

Scientist | Educator | International Public Health Professional

" I believe health is the pursuit of the highest quality of life and I use STEM to help get us there."